„Cogito ergo bio“


We are convinced  if „bio“ was as equally important  in the 17th century as it is nowadays, René Descartes’ famous saying “corgito ergo sum” would have been “cogito ergo bio”.


It was him who pledged to listen to our ratio. That’s exactly what we do. We use our ratio and do the best for our body.


It is our passion to spoil our guests with marvellous dishes out of untreated food without any pesticides.



 “Bio” means there are no pesticides on our food!


Our cosy hotel is situated in the heart of Carinthia – in a very peaceful and quiet surrounding in 950m above sea. What is more, the village of Diex is the first and only EU-registered “Bio-Region”. All our neighbours cultivate organic farming, so it is excluded that any pesticides are used in our surroundings.


It is not our intention to convert anybody, but we are positive that after a relaxing stay here in our house your awareness of bio-food and its origins will be wakened.


And you will be convinced: “Life is beautiful”


We live “bio”. Out of conviction and love to nature. We produce food of highest quality according to strict organic rules. “Bio” is not just a word. There is more to it. There is “us” to it. Our organic farm is controlled and certificated (Nr. 2-05811-2008). You might think that anybody can state this. We are regularly controlled by the so called ABG (Austria Bio Garantie). This provokes confidence.

The main focus of our organic farming lies in the herds of cows. The meadows are not artificially fertilized. This means that the cows neither eat rotten grass nor rotten hay. We respect our animals and treat them as living creatures. We offer the needed space and we care for them. This guarantees an excellent quality of meat.


This is exactly the basis of our kitchen. The tasty herbs as well as the salads are derived from our organic garden.